Albumono Spaces: Elevate Your Team Photo Sharing
Unlock the full potential of your company's event memories with Albumono Spaces – the ultimate photo sharing and management hub designed specifically for the dynamic needs of HiTech companies and startups.
Roy Jenkins
Roy Jenkins

4 min read

2 months ago

All of us been there before. We are at a company event. We also snap some with our phones, and unloads them to a Slack channel.
A week after we get a drive folder with all the photos that the photographers took. Beautiful photos, but how do I find my photos? Or find funny photos of my boss?
We are happy to launch Albumono Spaces. Spaces help you manage multiple event under one roof, with advanced sharing and access management.

What Is Albumono Spaces?

Think of Albumono Spaces as Google Photos but built for the your team. It's a dedicated platform where businesses can manage and share multimedia content from various events, all under one roof.
If it's employees only event, a conference, or a party, you can create an event in your space, and share it with whoever you need.

The Power of Spaces in Your Workplace

Imagine having the ability to create a space for every event, whether it's your annual general meeting, a team outing, or an international conference. Each 'Space' acts as a virtual album where employees and vendors alike can contribute content. With Spaces, you can expect:
  • State-of-the-art face recognition: Quickly find photos of specific colleagues or guests.
  • AI image tagging: No more manual labeling, our AI does it for you.
  • Live photo gallery: Watch your event album grow in real-time.
  • Advanced privacy controls: Share with who you want, how you want.

How Albumono Spaces benefit your team?

Here are just a few ways that Albumono Spaces can revolutionize your company's event documentation and sharing:

Employee Engagement and Team Building

Spaces is not just a photo repository; it's a tool for engagement. Encourage your employees to share their snapshots and videos, turning every corporate event into a collaborative project.

Centralized Content Management

Organize your event content without the hassle. Spaces eliminates the need for multiple sharing platforms or confusing folder structures. Everything is neatly organized and easily accessible.

Vendor and Photographer Integration

Spaces allows you to integrate third-party content creators seamlessly. Professional photographers or videographers can upload directly to your event Space, ensuring high-quality content is part of your collection.

Enhanced Search Capabilities

With AI-powered search functionality, finding the right photo or video is a breeze. Search by person, location, or even objects within the images.

Real-Time Photo Galleries

As your event unfolds, so does your photo gallery. With live updates, employees can see the latest uploads and relive the event as it happens.

Privacy and Control

We understand the importance of privacy. Spaces gives you complete control over who sees your content, with advanced permission settings and secure sharing options. We also do not sell or share your data in any way.

Use Cases That Showcase Spaces' Versatility

  • Corporate Conferences: Create a Space for your annual conference, where speakers, attendees, and organizers can share insights and memories.
  • Product Launches: Launching a new product? Use Spaces to compile all promotional event content in one place, ready for marketing and PR.
  • Holiday Parties: Preserve the fun and festivities with a dedicated holiday party Space, capturing every cheerful moment.
  • Training Sessions and Workshops: Save any event and see your team and individuals advances over time.
  • Charity Events and CSR Activities: Showcase your company's social responsibility initiatives with a curated gallery that tells your community involvement story.

Get on Board with Albumono Spaces

Are you ready to streamline your company's event management? Albumono Spaces is here to help you curate and share the narrative of your corporate events with ease and sophistication. Sign up now, and let's create a Space for your next event that's as dynamic and engaging as your team.
For more information on how to leverage Albumono Spaces for your company, stay connected with us. We're always innovating to make your event experience memorable and hassle-free. Albumono Spaces — where every event is an opportunity to connect, share, and remember.