State of the art Face Recognition

Albumono allows you to easily share photos with your guests and attendees.

With Albumono, everyone can easily find and access the pictures they appear in. We prioritizes privacy, ensuring that user information remains secure.

How it works


Create and share event

Step 1: Mobile search page

Guests uploads a selfie

Step 2: Take a selfie

Guests get their photos

Step 3: Get search results

AI powered online photos gallery

Say Goodbye to Manual Photo Scrolling; Quickly Find Images of Staff, Speakers, and Attendees with Albumono

  • 😌 Hassle free photos sharing
  • 🕵️ Privacy - everyone get's their own photos
  • 💨 Photos are search-ready in a few less then 2 seconds on average
  • 🧠 Works on your AND guests uploads .

We find you even if face partially visible

Albumono's face recognition technology is able to find faces even if they are partially visible. This is especially useful for group photos.

  • 🔎 Find yourself in group photos
  • 🔙 Find yourself in the back
  • 😎 Find yourself when wearing glasses
  • 👷‍♀️ Find yourself wearing helmet
  • 👴 Find yourself with a weird mustache

Easily share with everyone

Share the same link with everyone. They will be able to find their photos with a selfie.

Find my photos

Stop sharing unusable dump of photos with your guests.

Find your photos in seconds. No more scrolling through hundreds of photos. Just upload your selfie and we will find your photos. Done are the days of "photo-hunting".